South West NASUWT


We put teachers first, that means we campaign on your behalf and support and represent you to ensure that you are recognised and rewarded as a highly skilled professional and have working conditions which enable you to focus on your core role of teaching, leading teaching and learning.

In addition, as a member you will have access to professional advice and guidance, a wide range of opportunities for professional development and training and many other benefits.


A number of questions are asked on a regular basis by experienced teachers as well as NQTs. Find out the answers to these in our Frequently Asked Questions. This section will be reviewed regularly to ensure that all the current information is available to our members.

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Key Docs

There are many documents, working in conjunction with your school policies, which impact on the work of teachers, covering areas such as contracts, conditions of service and wellbeing. All teachers need to be aware of such documents and where to get information from. Follow this link for a comprehensive guide.

Follow the link below for a comprehensive guide.

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